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The Alright, Alright Broadcast is a one-on-one interview program featuring artists, musicians, performers, producers, promoters, venue owners, on-air personalities, production, crew members, and more of the individuals that make our culture and entertainment so uniquely captivating.
Khris Royal
(September 8, 2020)
Run Time: 1:03:06

Khris Royal is an accomplished and highly-active New Orleans saxophonist, bass player, DJ, and producer. In this episode, we discuss growing up and performing in New Orleans and abroad, studying at NOCCA (New Orleans Center for Creative Arts), the changing dynamic of Frenchmen St., and much more.

Reggie Scanlan
(The Radiators)
(December 18, 2020)
Run Time: 1:50:23

Reggie Scanlan has been the bass player for The Radiators for over 4 decades. In this episode, we discuss performing with James Booker, Professor Longhair, Eddie Money, and others, leaving New Orleans only to return, the founding and early days of The Radiators, and much more.

Hank Staples
(The Maple Leaf)
(July 31, 2020)
Run Time: 1:50:33

In business since the mid-1970's, The Maple Leaf plays host to some of your favorite artists' favorite artists' year round, and is a neighborhood fixture as well as a musical landmark. In this episode, we discuss the legendary James Booker, the history of The Maple Leaf, and Hurricane Katrina, and much, much more.

Ivan Neville
(November 21, 2020)
Run Time: 1:24:11

Ivan Neville hails from the legendary Neville family, central to not only the New Orleans funk and R&B community, but the larger musical community worldwide. In this episode, we discuss performing with The Rolling Stones, growing up and being primed in an already established musical family and the expectations that go along with it, the struggles of addiction, and much more.

Lebron 'LBJ' Joseph
(October 16, 2020)
Run Time: 1:32:41

LeBron "LBJ" Joseph is a veteran radio and television broadcaster and on-air personality. In this episode, we have a very in-depth discussion about pursuing a professional career in the radio industry, Tank & The Bangas, meeting the other LBJ (LeBron James), and much more.

Big Freedia
(September 22, 2020)
Run Time: 1:07:54

Big Freedia, better known as The Queen Diva or The Queen of Bounce, is a New Orleans born bounce-rapper, entertainer, and entrepreneur. In this episode, we discuss Hurricane Katrina, the realities and responsibilities of fame and success, exporting NOLA & bounce culture, and much more.

Alexis Marceaux
(October 7, 2020)
Run Time: 2:03:00

Alexis Marceaux is a south Louisiana native, former NOCCA (New Orleans Center for Creative Arts) student, and incredible percussionist and vocalist for the NOLA-based bilingual pop group Sweet Crude. In this episode, we (reluctantly) discuss auditioning for The Voice, returning to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, Alanis Morissette, and much more.

Sam Craft
(August 28, 2020)
Run Time: 1:43:44

Sam Craft is an extraordinary south Louisiana musician working to preserve the regional dialect of Louisiana French. In this episode, we discuss growing up in a musical family, NOCCA (New Orleans Center for Creative Arts), his ongoing web series (Les Nouvelles-Orléans), and much more.

Jevon 'RQ Away' Thompson
(August 14, 2020)
Run Time: 1:48:24

Jevon is a master of mixing for a good cause and bringing people together for a common good set to the backdrop of a common groove. In this episode, we discuss growing up in New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina, the real lessons of college life, and much more.

Pete Murano
(September 21, 2020)
Run Time: 1:08:49

Pete Murano is the amazing guitarist for Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue and an aspiring Instagram Chef. In this episode, we discuss touring with the Foo Fighters, performing a show with food poisoning, the fact that the acoustic guitar is an amazing thing, and much more.

Derrick Freeman
(September 15, 2020)
Run Time: 1:39:51

Derrick Freeman is the quintessential embodiment of a hustling New Orleans musician. In this episode, we discuss the grind of performing as a NOLA musician, the art of being a connector and project manager in the music industry, hip-hop, and much more.

Robert Mercurio
(July 25, 2020)
Run Time: 1:37:58

Robert Mercurio is a founding member of, and bass player for, the New Orleans-based funk group, Galactic. On this episode, we discuss the founding of Galactic, growing up in D.C., learning from and performing with Theryl 'Houseman' DeClouet, Po-Boys, and much more.

David Kunian
(August 8, 2020)
Run Time: 1:34:50

David Kunian is the current music curator for The New Orleans Jazz Museum, DJ and host of The Freaknologist Lunatique Show on WWOZ 90.7FM (, established music historian -- and an otherwise fixture of the NOLA music scene. In this episode, we discuss the early years in New Orleans, interviewing Ray Charles about the Dew Drop Inn, history of The New Orleans Jazz Museum, and much more.

Samantha Fish
(September 8, 2020)
Run Time: 51:28

Samantha Fish is a New Orleans-based, blues guitar force to be reckoned with in high heels. On this episode, we discuss early self-managing, musical tastes, her new record label (Wild Heart Records), and much more.

Tarriona "Tank" Ball
(August 29, 2020)
Run Time: 1:03:07

Tarriona 'Tank' Ball is the frontwoman and eponymous leader of New Orleans-based musical group, Tank & The Bangas. In this episode, we discuss writing, performed poetry, the formation of the group, some of her favorite collaborations, and much more.

Ed Williams
(July 18, 2020)
Run Time: 1:07:58

Ed Williams is the pedal steel guitar player for The Revivalists, frontman and band leader of Rumplesteelskin, and a former financing guru. On this episode, we discuss the early days of The Revivalists, meeting and performing with The Rolling Stones, cancelling their latest tour, and much more.

Stanton Moore
(July 28, 2020)
Run Time: 1:25:51

Stanton Moore is a founding member of the New Orleans-based funk group Galactic, an extremely hardworking and incredibly impressive drummer (search this website for: Dragon Smoke, Stanton Moore Trio, Garage a Trois -- or maybe some of his lessons, if you're interested in educational materials.) In this episode, we discuss growing up and learning to perform in New Orleans with some of his mentors, the early years of Galactic, Po-Boys, and much more.

Big Sam Williams
(August 10, 2020)
Run Time: 1:49:26

Big Sam Williams is the hard-rocking, funky Trombone playing frontman for Big Sam's Funky Nation. On this episode, we discuss growing up in New Orleans and studying at NOCCA, learning from and playing with Dirty Dozen Brass Band, performing at the 2006 Post-Hurricane Katrina 'Dome-coming' game with U2, Green Day, Trombone Shorty, Rebirth Brass Band, and New Birth Brass Band, and much more.

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